Track & Trace - Desktop

iContainers’ sea cargo tracking tool:
Track & Trace

No phone calls, no emails. Simply login into your personal area and you’ll have access to all your shipping information on our sea freight container tracking system.

Any route. Any booking. Any carrier.

Start tracking your shipments

Sea cargo tracking at a glance

Follow your shipment status with our sea shipment container tracking tool’s
comprehensive step-by-step design.

With our sea shipment tracking system, you can locate your shipment immediately. Find out if it’s been picked up, cleared customs, and get an estimated arrival date. Follow its journey every step of the way.

Real-time sea cargo tracking

Keep up with the status of your shipment with the latest
sea freight tracking information. Here's how it works:

Access your shipment details. This includes documentation, finances, its movements, and important dates.

Track status changes 24/7 with information on ETD-ETA, unexpected delays, transshipments, etc. All your sea shipment tracking information...
all on one single page.

Anticipate the unanticipated. Respond faster to unexpected situations with a comprehensive and up-to-date shipment overview with our
sea cargo tracking tool.

Track & Trace - Notifications

Track & Trace comes with a notifications system. Receive a message as soon as your shipment status changes. We're also developing mobile notifications and you can expect to have that feature shortly.

Follow the end-to-end process with sea shipment tracking

iContainers' timeline allows you to carry out sea freight cargo tracking of your shipment’s journey.

More to come

Track & Trace is yet another step in iContainers' mission to enhance our product and bring transparency. In the coming weeks, we'll add:

Instant notifications for your sea cargo tracking
Inland tracking
Improved LCL tracking
More detailed customs information

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